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1. Attitude and Choices - Now is the Moment of Power.

Learn how our attitude defines our experience and how we can choose conscious shift and therefore take control of our future.

2. Moving from Nocebo to Placebo - Using Quantum Power.

One third of all healing is a result of the Placebo effect. Learn how to clear the negative core beliefs and use the power of the quantum paradigm.

3. Peak Performance - the MindGame to Success.

Defining what makes for peak performance and what represents for many the final breakthroughs to the palace of possibilities.

4. Collapsing Psychological Barriers to High Performance.

Despite having all the right physiological make-up of a champion, many fall short due to the issue of psychological reversals – learn how to collapse mental self-sabotaging energy blocks.

5. Energy Medicine - Accelerated Information Processing & Healing.

Having written the book ‘Rapid Recovery’ on the use of energy medicine – find out what practical applications this can have in your daily routines to improve all levels of functioning.

6. Addictions, Obsessions, Compulsions, Fears, Phobias, Anxieties, Shock & Traumas.

The impact on individuals and society is far-reaching and of great cost in all possible ways. Discover some of the fascinating, up-to-date and easy to learn tools and techniques for healing and clearing same.

7. The Art of Thriving.

What are the commonalities that define the ability to thrive, regardless of one’s circumstances – the definition, attainment and choice of such is a real possibility.

8. Existential Q's & A's - Author & Architect of Self.

The moment we run out of questions has been said to be the time when the game is over. Be in the game and define one’s present and future by challenging the questions and taking ownership of the answers.

9. The Death Valley Run.

What does it take to complete the ultimate running challenge in the heat of Death Valley. The 135 mile Badwater run, as experienced through the 2001 adventure of Steve King, only the second Canadian to have completed this endurance event.

10. My Magic Sports Moments.

See through the lenses of a play-by-play and colour commentator on a myriad of sports as he defines and describes the most memorable moments in sport that he has witnessed and called.