Loving states can be achieved when we choose to healthily reframe some of the messages we carry around with us. Some reframing messages can be given by stating limiting beliefs in a different way, some examples given by Gary Craig include;

I can’t (I don’t yet know how).

My problem (my challenge).

I’m stressed (I could use a little peace right now).

Breaking a habit (dissolving the need).

I’m anxious (I need to redirect my energy).

I’m exhausted (I need to refuel).

I failed (I stubbed my toe this time).

I’m lonely (It’s quiet time right now).

I’m lost (I’m looking for my next level).

I’m nervous (I’m alert).

I’m overwhelmed (I’m ready for new perspective).

I’ve been rejected (I’m given new input),
He/she’s just not into me. He/she doesn’t have the desired level of appreciation for me.

Cold calling (rapport practice).

Closing a sale (welcoming someone aboard).

I hate (I prefer something else).

It’s terrible (It needs improvement).

Diet (Developing new tastes)

Other possible reframes can include;

Angry (Peeved/Disenchanted)

Overwhelmed (In demand)

Irritated (Stimulated)

Rejected (Misunderstood)

Stupid (Discovering)

Lost (Searching)

Some of my own favourite reframing messages include;

“I can choose peace instead of this.” 

“I am cordially invited to change my mind.”

“I can choose to let go of feelings that hurt.”