What will I be up to in 2019?

"I`ll never find out what I can do, unless I do all I can to find out."

To realise the value of one year:
Ask a student who has failed an exam.

To realise the value of one month;
Ask a Mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realise the value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realise the value of one hour:
Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realise the value of one minute:
Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realise the value of one second:
Ask the person who has survived an accident.

To realise the value of one millisecond:
Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympic Games.

Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when you share it with someone special.
Just remember - none of us will be leaving here alive, so reach for your potential.

Event Schedule for 2019

So who cares you might well ask - It is more of a way for me to make sure my friends, acquaintances, race directors, workshop attendees, or those just kind enough to wish me well can know where I`ll be or where they can visit me.

Yours truly with the greatest sports commentator in the universe - Mr. Phil Liggett


Jan 5-6th - Okanagan Cup x-c ski (Nickel Plate, BC) www.nickelplatenordic.org

Jan 19th - R. K-S. Cross-Country Ski Loppet (Salmon Arm, BC) www.skilarchhills.ca

Feb 15-17th - Ultraman Florida (Orlando, FL) www.ultramanflorida.com

Mar 16th - St. Patricks 5kms (Vancouver, BC) www.stpatricks5k.com

Mar 23rd - Elevator Race Solo & Relay (Apex Mtn, Penticton) www.hoodooadventures.ca

Mar 30th - Mexico Spring Break Loppet (Nickel Plate, Penticton) www.nickelplatenordic.org

Apr 7th - Oliver 10kms (Oliver, BC) www.interiorrunning.ca

Apr 14th - Vancouver Sun Run (Vancouver, BC)  www.vancouversun.com/sunrun/

Apr 28th - TC 10kms (Victoria,BC) www.tc10k.ca

May 5th - BMO Vancouver International Marathon (Vancouver, BC) www.bmovanmarathon.ca
May 11-13th - Ultraman Australia (Noosa, Australia) www.ultramanoz.com

May 18th - Giants Head Grind - Chris Walker memorial run (Summerland, BC) www.giantsheadgrind.com

May 19th - Peach City Half Marathon (Penticton, BC) www.peachcityrunners.com

May 26th - Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (Calgary, Alta) www.calgarymarathon.com

Jun 1st - Oliver Wine Country of Canada Sprint/Olympic triathlons (Oliver, BC) www.dynamicraceevents.com

Jun 2nd - Oliver Half Iron Triathlon - BC Champs (Oliver, BC) www.dynamicraceevents.com

Jun 8th - Gericks' Wasa Lake TRIKIDS (Wasa Lake, BC) www.rmevents.com

Jun 9th - Gericks' Wasa Lake Triathlon Oly & Spr. (Wasa Lake, BC) www.rmevents.com

Jun 15th - OK Falls Kids of Steel Triathlon (Okanagan Falls, BC) www.okfallsjrtri.com

Jun 16th - Banff Marathon (Banff, Alta) www.banffmarathon.com/

Jun 23rd - Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon (Vancouver, BC) www.vancouverhalf.com

Jun 29/30th - Okanagan 24hr Mtn Bike Solo/Team (Silver Star, Vernon, B.C.) www.okanagan24.com

Jul 1st - Peachland Beach Run 5/10kms (Peachland, BC) www.peachlandbeachrun.ca

Jul 11th - Giro di Burnaby (Burnaby, BC) www.girodiburnaby.com

Jul 13th - Axel Merckx Piccolofondo (Penticton, BC) www.granfondoaxelmerckx.com

Jul 13th - Passo Apex Hill Climb (Penticton, BC) www.granfondoaxelmerckx.com

Jul 14th - Axel Merckx Granfondo (Penticton, BC) www.granfondoaxelmerckx.com

Jul 21st - Peach Classic Triathlon Sprint/Olympic BC Champs (Penticton, BC) www.peachclassic.ca

Jul 26 -28th Ultraman Canada (Penticton, BC) www.officialultramancanada.com

Aug 3-5th - Ultra Canada 520K Triathlon (Sth. Okanagan, BC) www.peachcityrunners.com

Aug 11th - Skaha Lake Ultra Swim (11.8kms) (Penticton, BC) www.skahalakeultraswim.com

Sep 15th - Test of Humanity Mtn Bike (Summerland, BC) www.testofhumanity.com

Sep 21st - Kettle Mettle Gravel Fondo (Penticton - Kelowna, BC) www.kettlemettle.ca

Sep 22nd - Campbell Mountain Cross-Country (Penticton, BC) www.interiorrunning.ca

Sep 28th - Melissa's Road Race Half Marathon/10kms/5kms) (Banff, Alta) www.banffroadrace.com

Sept 29th - Summerland Cross-Country run (Summerland, BC) www.interiorrunning.ca

Oct 13th - Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon (Victoria, BC) www.royalvictoriamarathon.com

Oct 19th - Whistler 50 mile Relay & 50kms Solo www.bcathletics.org/whistler50relayUltra/

Nov 29th-Dec 1st - Ultraman World Championships - (Kona, HI) www.ultramanlive.com
A Dream Fulfilled

July  25th 2001 Badwater Death Valley Run (135 miles) 4th o`all, 1st age (see photos below)