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Major Psychological Reversal

Major (persistent) Psychological Reversal and the Neurolymphatic Reflex (NR)

(Excerpted from the book ‘Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing By Stephen P. King)

Although this is for persistent PR,  I use it on a daily basis, first thing in the morning, as a means to correct anything that could have created a state of reversal overnight so that my energy is positively directed. If nothing has put me into a state of reversal, then doing this will only maintain that healthy state and do no harm.

Take two fingers and on your left side, press into the area around the heart (side of the compassionate heart chakra) and notice if you have a point on you, in that area, which feels more tender than anywhere else. If so, take the two fingers, keep them pressed into the centre of that spot and then turn the fingers clockwise around that tender spot (kneeding). This acts as a way of dissipating the build-up of matter – getting it back into proper circulation.
This has an impact on the heart chakra, in which area sits the thymus, pericardium, lung and of course the heart. “When there is a blockage of pranic flow through the heart chakra because of problems in manifesting love towards self and others, there is a diminution of vital energy flow to the thymus gland.” (Gerber p. 381) and “…thereby susceptibility to various bacterial and viral infections.” (ibid. p. 383) It also helps strengthen your ability to give and receive love (from the self as well as from others). It is necessary to run the persistent reversal point in a clockwise direction, i.e. “When the chakras are functioning normally, each will be `open`, spinning clockwise to metabolize the particular energies needs from the universal field. A clockwise spin draws energy from the UEF (Univeral Energy Field) into the chakra, very much like the right-hand rule in electromagnetism, which states that “a changing magnetic field around a wire will induce a current in that wire.” (Brennan p. 71)

The electrical wave produced by the beating heart has about fifty times the amplitude and about a thousand times the strength of the brain wave. As a result of this the heart tends to pull the brain and other organs into synchronization or “entrainment” with its rhythm, much like that of pendulum clocks whereby they will synchronize the ticking to that of the clock with the largest pendulum. (Eden p. 156)
Glen Rein of the Institute of HeartMath speculates that crystal-like structures in the heart serve as transducers for converting and integrating higher-dimensional energies into the electrical system of the human body, producing electrical frequency data reflected in the ECG. (Brain/Mind Bulletin. Jan `94 p. 8)
The heart’s electromagnetic qualities act on matter in a similar fashion to a magnet with iron filings, and therefore matter that is not dissipated attracts and builds up in the heart area and causes clogging and pain i.e. such as what we might call a “broken` heart”.

Some further validation of this point has come from Dr. Lee Pulos, who wrote that:
               The PR can be corrected by rubbing the neurolymphatic reflex (NR), located
               bilaterally just above the pectoral muscle and immediately adjacent to the
               anterior deltoid muscles. This acts as an electrical reset button, reconnecting
               the relevant circuitry.
              The lymphatic system is made up of valves that allow lymph fluid to flow
               towards the heart. The primary function of this system is to remove debris or
               toxins from the interstitial spaces. Lymph flow is quite slow in order to break
              down the debris, which cannot be passed directly into the blood stream.
              Rubbing the neurolymphatic reflex helps the body to `turn on` other reflex
              points or `switches` downline to increase lymph drainage. In other words,
              it is not the flow of the lymph which brings about the change, but the stimulation
             of a specific electrical communication system which activates a series of
             impulses which allow the body to communicate more effectively with itself.
            Thus subconscious blockages and self-sabotage patterns are removed so that
            the treatment will be `accepted` by the body.
            A useful metaphor for psychological reversals is to think of the subconscious
            fear as an overload that has come on-line. The effect is much like plugging too
            many electrical appliances into one outlet, which can blow a fuse. In terms of
            the body’s energy, overload is a polarity imbalance (which relates to the body’s
            left/right magnetic–electric fields and electron spin), which reverses muscle
           responses – yielding a `no` for `yes` and vice versa. Thus, the NRs act like
           circuit breakers that get turned off when the body/mind is overloaded
          (with fear, anxiety, energy toxins, etc.). (Shared Visions Magazine. May 1999, p. 37)

Self-sabotaging, or self-destructive thinking, and action, or inaction, which is often just procrastination, can lead to a very pessimistic outlook. It can therefore also be said that having such a switched circuit can lead to, or at least can be linked to, depression and create great reluctance to look at possibilities or opportunities for healthy change.
The procrastinator’s creed might be something like, “I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from my obligations.”

Procrastination is the ego trying to protect us, but it is doing so based on outdated information!

Gary Craig has equated this state to one in which the body’s main battery has been turned or installed upside down and therefore the power in it cannot be accessed until it has been corrected or turned around. These emotional blockages create abnormal patterns in the heart chakra.

Scientist Itzhak Bentov researched a link between the heart and brain in meditation, which could cause lasting changes in the brain and bodily functioning. He discovered a system of tuned rhythmic oscillators were driven by circulatory pulses coming from the heart (Gerber p. 402)

Bipolar electromagnetic fields, such as the field of Earth itself, are torus (doughnut) shaped. Iron filings close by a standard magnet will assume a two-dimensional torus shape by arranging themselves along the magnet’s lines of force. By placing hundreds of electrodes around the human heart, Arthur Winfree (When Time Breaks Down) of the University of Arizona discovered that the heart’s electrical field takes the shape of a torus. Interestingly the torus also crops up repeatedly in graphic depictions of the strange attractors of chaos theory. (Brain/Mind Bulletin. January 1994, p. 8)

In a sense, I believe  we sometimes need to have an “emotional enema”, as well as possibly a physical one. Dr. Richard Gerber states that for good health we should have a constant and unimpeded energy flow at all levels of our energy system. He uses the analogy of plumbing, in which one must have adequate water input, no blockages or sewage in our pipes, and an opened release valve for water to optimally flow through the system. (p. 475)

The heart chakra is affected by one’s ability to feel love towards the self as well as towards others. Those who are unable or unwilling to could be referred to as being “hard-hearted.”

The heart chakra has an energy link to the thymus gland, and therefore the immune system, so our ability to be open to love and receive love can have a direct correlation to our immune system’s integrity.  (ibid. p. 433)

Researchers discovered that the blood of normal individuals has a subtle energetic quality associated with the clockwise rotation of polarity. It has been found that individuals living in regions associated with geopathic stress tended to have a counterclockwise rotational polarity (in a state of reversal) in their blood. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, it has also been found that individuals with this abnormal polarity who are ill are usually resistant to any form of subtle energetic or vibrational medicine intervention, and secondly a majority of cancer patients possess this counterclockwise blood polarity. As well as some of the reversal correction techniques mentioned herein, there are electroacupuncture and radionic systems, such as the Mora device, which can be used to reverse the blood polarity and make an individual more amenable to vibrational healing techniques. (ibid. p. 461)

Neurological Switching or Reversal can be temporarily induced for demonstration purposes by contacting the K-27`s and massaging them in a counter-clockwise direction (Whisenant p. 18) This switch can then be easily tested by using AK. First test after a clockwise massage on the K-27`s, in which case the resistance should test strong, then do a counter-clockwise massage and re-test, and you should notice a much weaker resistance.

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