Steve King


PTSD: Cleaning and Clearing Shock & Trauma

This book is designed for those who work with trauma/shock survivors or those who are trauma/shock victims themselves and who have not yet found a way to collapse and clear any images/memories and resultant fears, anxieties, depression or addictions as a result of ongoing emotional and physical disturbances.

Running in the Zone: A Handbook for Seasoned Athletes

Older runners (46-76) share their love of running, triumphs and challenges through 26 moving and motivating contributions, meant to tell the seasoned athlete how to keep on running and enjoying this sport.

12 Steps to Authenticity

The book is a guide to finding one’s authentic self. It is designed to help one understand the origins of any negative or harmful core beliefs, self-sabotage and self-esteem and provides the tools with which to collapse or re-frame and be in the flow state of life’s fullest personal potentials.

The Book of Existential Questions

This book allows the reader to answer 150 questions on a variety of issues that help to explore who they have become, what beliefs they’ve absorbed and live by, the contradictions in their lives and the palace of possibilities that exist and whether or not action steps should or can be taken to live to their full potential or to discover their own authenticity. It also contains quotes that can provide a boost towards their goals and aspirations and which might challenge their current purview of their inner world and the world at large.

Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing

A thorough, clear work that includes a variety of rapid recovery and healing techniques for counselling use and for athletes. This book helps with mind and body maintenance.