Steve King

Recommended Books on Health & Fitness

“The wise man can lead with no power, The powerful man can lead with no wisdom”

This list represents a compilation of literature that I have found of relevance and often of great significance in my counselling practice as well as for my own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Bearing in mind that the Triad of Health consists of the structural, chemical and mental elements of our being, then, although you may be a skeptic, as we all initially should be, you may also find yourself willing to look at the possibilities. There are many ways to fully `find` yourself and to realise your full potential, but if nothing changes – nothing changes, and that includes what you read and what you choose to turn into action. Remember that “Effectiveness is the measure of truth”, so there is nothing to lose by reading material that can alter the way you perceive the world, your role in it, and the ability we have to take greater control and care over our total well-being than we might presently think. Allow the world of possibilities to open up as the statement “Physician Heal Thyself” was not to suggest that we don`t need Doctors, but that when it comes down to it we truly are the experts on ourselves. In Life there is one guarantee – none of us are going to get out of it alive. We are usually halfway through it before we realise that it is basically a do-it-yourself thing. I hope that some of the recommended readings will help stimulate thought, make the world more understandable and make your personal role in it more satisfying. Although there is much grey matter in between the black and white world in which many people live, there is one truly black and white area and that is regarding the matter of action or no action. Once we `know` something we can either do something about it or not – at that point even doing nothing is a choice, and life becomes a whole lot more meaningful when we recognise we are constantly making conscious and unconscious choices. I hope you choose to let go and grow by checking out some of the resource material listed here, as it has certainly expanded my world in every possible arena of my life.
I will update as and when new material presents itself to me.


Allison, Don. (Editor) A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning.
             UltraRunning Publishers, Weymouth, MA. 2002.
Armstrong, Lance & Jenkins, Sally. It`s Not About The Bike. Berkley Books, NY. 2001.
Armstrong, Lance & Jenkins, Sally. Every Second Counts. Broadway Books. NY. 2003.
Battista, Garth. The Runner`s Literary Companion. Penguin Books. NY. 1994.
Beardsley, Dick & Anderson, Maureen. Staying the Course: A Runner’s Toughest Race.
             University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis, MN. 2002.
Benyo, Richard. The Death Valley 300. Near-Death and Resurrection on the World`s Toughest
             Endurance Course. Specific Publications Inc.Forestville, CA. 1991.
Benyo, Richard & Henderson, Joe. Running Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Source for Today`s Runner.
             Human Kinetics. Champaign, IL. 2002.
Boukreev, Anatoli & DeWalt, G. Weston. Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest. St. Martins Press
             New York. 1997.
Bragg, Patricia and Johnson, Bob. The Complete Triathlon Endurance Training Manual.
             Health Science. Santa Barbara, CA. 1985.
Callos, John D. Iron Ambition. www. 2009.
Chu, Donald A. Jumping Into Plyometrics. Leisure Press. Champaign, Illinois. 1992.
Coe, Sebastian, Teasdale, David, Wickham, David. More Than A Game. Sport in Our Time.
             BBC Books. London, England. 1992.
Cumming, John. Runners & Walkers: A Nineteenth Century Sports Chronicle.
             Regnery Gateway. Chicago, Illinois. 1981.
Derderian, Tom. Boston Marathon: The History of the World`s Premier Running Event.
             Human Kinetics Publishers. Champaign, Illinois. 1994.
Fauteux, Ray. Ironstruck: The Ironman Triathlon Journey. 2006.
Fauteux, Ray. Triathlete In Transition. 2009.
Fee, Earl W. How to be a Champion From 9 to 90. Feetness Inc., Mississauga, ON.  2001.
Galloway, Jeff. Galloway`s Book On Running. Shelter Publications, Inc. Bolinas, CA. 1984.
Guiney, David. The Dunlop Book of the Olympics. Eastland Press. Lavenham, Suffolk, England. 1972.
Heinrich, Bernd. Why We Run. Harper Collins Publishers. NY. 2001.
Hobson, Alan. One Step Beyond: Rediscovering the Adventure Attitude.  Altitude Publishing.
             Banff, Alberta. 1992.
Johnson, Kirk. To the Edge: A Man, Death Valley and the Mystery of Endurance. Warner Books
             New York. 2001.
King, Steve & Cumming, Dan. Running in the Zone: a Handbook for  Seasoned  Athletes.
             Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC. 2005
Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air. Doubleday. NY: 1997.
Leonard, George. The Ultimate Athlete. Avon Books. NY. 1974.
Livingston, Michael K. Mental Discipline  The Pursuit of Peak Performance. Champaign, ILL:
             Human Kinetics Books. 1989.
Lydiard, Arthur and Gilmour, Garth. Running the Lydiard Way. World Puiblications Inc.
            Mountain View, CA. 1978.
Lynam, Lisa. Triathlon for Women.  Meyer & Meyer Sport, Oxford, ENG. 2007.
McNab, Tom. Flanagan`s Run. William Morrow & Co. NY. 1982.
Miller, Dr. Saul and Maass Hill, Peggy. Sport Psychology for Cyclists. Velo Press. Boulder, CO. 1999.
Muenzer, Lori-Ann, with Wilberg, Karl  R. One Gear No Breaks.  Key Porter books.  Toronto, ONT. 2006.
Nickel, David J. Acupressure for Athletes. New York: Henry Holt & Co, Inc. 1984.
Noakes, Tim. Lore of Running: Discover the Science and Spirit of Running.  Leisure Press.
             Champaign, Illinois. 1991.
Orlick, Terry. In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sport and Life Through Mental Training.
             Leisure Press. Champaign, Illinois. 1990.
Pirie, Gordon. Edited by John S. Gilbody. Running Fast & Injury Free. Available FREE on the Internet
             (see my homepage for recommended running related sites)
Plant, Mike. Iron Will; The Heart and Soul of the Triathlon`s Ultimate Challenge.
             Contemporary Books Inc. Chicago, Ilinois. 1987.
Pound,  Dick.  Inside the Olympics. Wiley & Sons, Canada. 2004.
Riddles, Libby and Jones, Tim. Race Across Alaska. Stackpole Books. Mechanicsburg, PA. 1988.
Simpson, Joe. Touching the Void. Vintage. London: England. 2004.
Tarrant, John. The Ghost Runner. Athletics Weekly. Rochester, Kent, England. 1979.
Treadwell, Sandy. The World of Marathons. Stewart, Tabori & Chang. NY. 1987
Voy, Robert. Drugs, Sport and Politics. Leisure Press. Champaign, Illinois. 1991.
Walton, Gary M. Beyond Winning: The Timeless Wisdom of Great Philosopher Coaches.
             Leisure Press. Champaign, Illinois. 1992.
Whitfield, Simon with Dheenshaw, Cleve. Simon Says Gold.  Orca Book Publications. Victoria, BC. 2009.
Winterdyk, John with Jensen, Karen. The Complete Athlete: Integrating Fitness, Nutrition and
             Natural Health. Burnaby, B.C.: Alive Books. 1997.
Zeman, Brenda. To Run With Longboat; Twelve Stories of Indian Athletes in Canada.
             GMS Ventures Inc.. Edmonton, Alberta. 1988.


Achterberg, Jeanne. Imagery In Healing: Shamanism & Modern Medicine. Boston: New Science
             Library. Shambala. 1985.
Ballentine, Rudolph. Diet & Nutrition: a holistic approach. Honesdale, PA: Himalayan
             International Institute. 1978.
Ballentine, Rudolph. Radical Healing. New York: Harmony Books. 1999.
Bartlett, Richard. Matrix Energetics: the Science and Art of Transformation. NY:  Atria Books. 2007.
Becker, Robert 0. & Selden, Gary. The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of
             Life. New York: Quill – William Morrow. 1985.
Bhattacharya, Dr. B. The Magnet Study of Life. Calcutta, India: Firma KLM Private Ltd. 1992.
Bohm, D. Wholeness and the Implicate Order. Boston: ARK Paperbacks. 1983.
Brennan, Barbara Ann. Hands Of Light: A guide to healing through the human energy field. New
             York: Bantam Books. 1987.
Callahan, Roger. Five Minute Phobia Cure. Wilmington, DE: Enterprise Publishing Inc. 1985.
Callahan, Roger. Why Do I Eat When I’m Not Hungry. New York: Doubleday. 1991
Campbell, Anthony. Editor. Natural Health Handbook: A lifestyle guide to the principles and
              practice of alternative medicine. Sacaucus, NJ: Chartwell Books, Inc. 1984.
Cawte, John. Healers of Arnhem Land.  Marleston, Sth Australia:  JB Books. 2001.
Clark, Hulda Regehr. The Cure For All Diseases. San Diego, CA: ProMotion Publishing, 1995.
Claude-Pierre, Peggy. The Secret Language of Eating Disorders. New York: Random House,
              Inc. 1997.
Coelho, Paulo. The Alchemist. San Francisco, CA. 1994.
Cousins, Norman. Anatomy of an Illness: as Perceived by the  Patient. New York:  Bantam
          Books. 1981.
Craig, Gary and Fowlie, Adrienne. Emotional Freedom Techniques. The Manual. Second
             Edition. 1995 & 1997.
David-Neel, Alexandra. Magic and Mystery In Tibet. London: Abacus. 1977.
Dennison, Paul E, and Hargrove, Gail E. Personalised Whole Brain Integration. Glendale, CA:
             Edu-Kinesthetics Inc. 1985.
Diamond, John. Your Body Doesn`t Lie. New York: Warner Books. 1979
Diamond, John. Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of  Your
             Emotions.. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 1985.
Durlacher, James V. Freedom From Fear Forever. Tempe, AZ: Van Ness Publishing. 1995.
Dyer, Dr. Wayne W. Your Sacred Self. New York: Harper Collins. 1995.
Eden, Donna with Feinstein, David. Energy Medicine. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher. 1998.
Emerson, William R. & Schorr-Kon, Stephan. Innovative Therapies. Open  University Press. 1993.
Emoto, Masaru. Messages from Water. Hado, Japan. 2001.
Ferguson, Marilyn. The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in Our Time.
             Los Angeles, CA: J.P. Tarcher, Inc. 1980.
Ferguson, Marilyn, Perrin, Patricia and Coleman, William S.E.  Pragmagic. New York: Pocket
             Books, 1990.
Fleming, Tapas. Reduce Traumatic Stress in Minutes – The Tapas Acupressure Technique
             (TAT) Workbook. 5031 Pacific Coast Hwy. #76, Torrance, CA 90505.
Gach, Michael Reed. Acupressure`s Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments.
             New York: Bantam Books. 1990.
Gallo, Fred and Vincenzi, Harry. Energy Tapping.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.  2000
Gerber, Richard. Vibrational Medicine. Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Co. 1988.
Goldman, Bob. with Patricia Bush and Ronald Klatz. Death In The Locker Room:Steroids,
             Cocaine & Sport. Tucson, AZ: The Body Press. 1984.
Goleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence. New York: Bantam Books. 1995
Gregory, Scott J. & Leonardo, Bianca. Conquering AIDS Now: With natural treatment, a non-
             drug approach. Santa Monica, CA: Tree of Life Publications. 1986.
Gregory, Scott J. A Holisic Protocol for the Immune System. Joshua Tree, CA: Tree of Life
              Publications. 1989.
Grof, Stanislav. with Bennett, Hal Zina. The Holotropic Mind. San Francisco, CA: Harper. 1993.
Hadeler, Hajo. Shiatsu For Two. Madeira Park, B.C.: Harbour Publishing. 1988.
Hawkins, David R. Truth vs. Falsehood: How to tell the Difference. Axial Publishing, Toronto,
             ON. 2005.
Hills, Christopher. Editor. Energy Matter & Form: Toward a Science of Consciousness. Boulder
             Creek, CA:University of the Trees Press. 1977.
Janov, Arthur. The New Primal Scream: Primal Therapy 20 Years On. Wilmington, DE
             Enterprise Publishing, Inc. 1991.
Janov, Arthur. Imprints: The Lifelong Effects of the Birth Experience. Toronto, ONT: General
             Publishing Co. 1983.
Judith, Anodea and Vega, Selene. The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit
            Through the Chakras. Freedom, CA: The Crossing Press. 1993.
Kason, Yvonne. Farther Shores. Toronto, ONT: Harper Collins. 2000.
Keleman, Stanley. The Structure of Experience. Berkeley, CA: Center Press. 1985.
King, Serge. Earth Energies: A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet.Wheaton, Ill: Quest
             Books. 1992. THE AUTHOR IS NO RELATION – HONEST!
King, Serge. Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way. Wheaton, Ill: Quest
             Books. 1985.
King, Stephen P. Rapid Recovery; Accelerated Information Processing & Healing. Victoria, BC:
             Trafford Publishing. 2004. (Yes, this is blatant self-promotion)
Kreiger, Dolores. The Therapeutic Touch: How to use your hands to help or to heal. New York:
             Simon & Schuster. 1979.
Kreiger, Dolores. Accepting Your Power To Heal: The personal practice of Therapeutic Touch.
             Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Co. 1993.
Lanctot, Guylaine. The Medical Mafia. Miami, FL: Here`s The Key Inc. 1995.
Laurence, Tim. The Hoffman Process. New York: Bantam Dell. 2003.
Lepore, Donald. The Ultimate Healing System. Provo, Utah: Woodland Books. 1988.
Liberman, Jacob. Light: Medicine of the Future. Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Co. 1991.
Manning, Jeane. The Coming Energy Revolution.Garden City Park, NY: Avery Publishing. 1996.
Mathews Larson, Joan. Seven Weeks to Sobriety: The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition.
              NY: Ballentine Wellspring. 1997.
McTaggart, Lynne. The Field. NY, NY:  Harper Collins. 2002.
Minckler, James. Energy Balancing for Natural Health. A Body Owner`s Maintenance Manual.
              Missoula, MT:  Self-published. 1984-1998.
Mountrose, Phillip & Jane. Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT. Sacramento, CA:
              Holistic Communications. 2000.
Moyers, Bill. Healing and The Mind. New York: Doubleday. 1993.
Nordenstrom, B. Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, experimental and theoretical
           evidence for an additional circulatory system.. Stockholm, Sweden:Nordic. 1983.
Paulson, Genevieve Lewis. Kundalini and the Chakras: A Practical Manual. St.Paul
              Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, Inc. 1993.
Paxton Dunaway, Dan. The Seahorse Keeper: a Journey into Higher Self. Victoria, BC: Booksurge. 2009.
Peck, M. Scott. The Road Less Traveled. New York: Simon and Schuster. 1978.
Pert, Candace. Molecules of  Emotion. New York: Touchstone. 1999.
Pribram, K.H. Languages of the Brain: Experimental paradoxes and principles in
              neuropsychology. New York: Brandon House. 1981.
Sahley, Billie Jay and Birkner, Katherine M. Breaking Your Addiction Habit. San Antonio, TX:
              Pain & Stress Therapy Center Publication. 1990.
Sahley, Billie Jay. The Anxiety Epidemic. San Antonio, TX: Pain & Stress Therapy Center
              Publication. 1994.
Sanella, Lee. The Kundalini Experience. Lower Lake, CA: Integral Publishing. 1987.
Shapiro, Francine. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols
             and Procedures. New York: The Guilford Press. 1995.
Sheldrake, Rupert. A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation. Los
            Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. 1981.
Sheppard, Kay. Food Addiction: The Body Knows. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health
            Communications. 1989.
Siegel, Bernie S. Love, Medicine & Miracles. New York: Harper & Row. 1986.
Stokes, Gordon & Whiteside, Daniel. Tools of the Trade: for understanding & trusting our self.
             Burbank, CA: Thoth Inc. 1991.
Talbot, Michael. The Holographic Universe. New York: HarperCollins. 1991.
Takahashi, Masaru and Brown, Stephen. Qigong for Health: Chinese Traditional Exercise for
             Cure and Prevention. New York: Japan Publications, Inc. 1986.
Thie, John F., with Marks, Mary. Touch for Health. Marina del Rey,CA: DeVorss & Co. 1973
Tipping, Colin C. Radical Forgiveness. Marietta, GA: Global 13 Publications, Inc.
Tolle, Eckhart. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Novato, CA.
             New World Library. 1999.
Ul1man, Dana. Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic
             Books. 1988.
Vitale, Joe and Hew Len, Ihaleakala. Zero Limits. The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth,
             Health, Peace and More. Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2007.
Walther, David S. Applied Kinesiology. Vols. 1 and 2. Abriendo,CO: Systems DC. 1981.
Warnock, John. Simply Living and Loving. Edmonton, Alberta: Twin Dolphins Co. 1989

Weinberg, Dr. George and Rowe, Dianne. Will Power:  Using Shakespeare’s Insights to Transform Your Life. 
             New York: St. Martins Press. 1996.
Whisenant, William F. Psychological Kinesiology: Changing the Body`s Beliefs. Kailua, HI:
             Monarch Butterfly Productions. 1994.
Whitfield, Charles. Healing the Child Within. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications,
            Inc. 1989.
Wong, Bennet and Mckeen, Jock. The New Manual for Life. Gabriola Island, B.C.: PD Publishing. 1998

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