Steve King

The Installation of Positive Energy

(Excerpted from the book ‘Rapid Recovery by Stephen P. King)

The installation of positive thoughts, habits, beliefs and understanding can be accommodated by the use of TFT, TAT and EFT, as well as EMDR. These AIP`s (Accelerated Information Processing techniques) will naturally shift a person into a more positive energetic state.

However, if one is desirous of creating a more generic positive outlook as a result of the “blahs”, there is an interesting way to combine Heartmath (as endorsed by scientists such as Glenn Rein and William Tiller) and one simple tapping location.
The researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have published a wide variety of data showing that techniques which combine intentional heart focus with the generation of sustained positive feelings, lead to a beneficial mode of physiological function they have termed “psychophysiological coherence”. They use psychometric and biomedical assesssments, and even interactive technology such as the “Freeze-Framer”.

One of the “tools” is based upon being able to conjure up imagery that takes the individual into a state of ambience, joy, bliss, serenity etc., and to stay focused on that image (tune-in). This should be a scene or memory from their own history, or from their imagination if they have never truly experienced such a joyful, pleasing state. Then take two or three fingers of one hand and place them in a vertical position (one above the other), say with the ring finger on the bridge of the nose, mid finger above that, and the index finger above that. While staying focused on the image and feeling the pleasure sensation that it affords, the person then taps on that bridge of the nose/third eye location for about 20-30 seconds.

Doing this on a regular basis can totally change the level of inner calm and satisfaction one can get from an otherwise seemingly dreary day.

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